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January 24, 2014

Full Blossom

Last week, I started to share all the things I love about Salesforce’s Spring14 release, but there is some much that I wanted to talk about that I only made it as far as the analytics enhancements.  Instead of trying to jam too much into one post, I decide to split the Spring14 goodness into two posts. This week, I am hoping to highlight a few other Spring14things that I’m excited about in Spring 14.

First up – Chatter Enhancements! More specifically, the new Announcements in Groups functionality in particular is interesting to me. It is definitely a feature that end users have asked for, and I think it has the potential to get very useful, but I’m waiting to see how this one plays out. The ability to have them expire is super cool though, and definitely not something I would have thought of, so nicely done Salesforce. One thing I think it will need is the ability to change the label from “Announcement” to something that maybe resonate better with your users. Right now, that’s not possible, but hopefully coming in a future release. Maybe I just spent too many years at summer camp, but that word just makes me think of

January 17, 2014

Bloom & Blossom

It’s my favorite time of year – the Salesforce Spring release! For some reason, I look forward to the Spring releases more than any other. Perhaps it’s because I get to start thinking about Spring in the dead of winter. No matter what it is, this year is no different. There are some very exciting things coming in Spring 14, and I’m excited to share my thoughts.

Click for Release Notes

Click for Release Notes

Before you even dive into the new Salesforce features, you run across one of my favorite things about the Spring 14 release – the HTML release notes! Yes, you’ve always been able to be green and read the release notes via PDF instead of printing them out, but now you can easily navigate to the features you want to see & bookmark them. (And as a blogger, I can now provide links that will send you directly to the feature that I’m writing about – total win!)

June 14, 2013

Summertime & the Livin’s Easy

Yes dear readers, it’s true. Just as Jesus did with Lazarus, I am reviving this blog – and just in time to talk Summer 13! Normally, its the winter releases that I get all amped up about, but Summer 13 is packing some HEAT!

Click for the release notes

Click for the release notes

There are so many features that I want to discuss, that it was really hard to narrow it down for this post. Thankfully, I was given a chance to chat about some features on the ButtonClick Admin podcast yesterday, so I can use this post to talk about a few of the items that we didn’t have a chance to cover them.

February 1, 2013

Spring’s the Thing!

Yes dear readers, it’s RELEASE NOTES TIME!! Cue the fun noises!

Click through to access the release notes.

Click through to access the release notes.

Salesforce has dubbed this the release that will allow you to “Connect to Your Customers in a Whole New Way” – which is fantastic for organizations that are ready to take on all the awesome new functionality that is being released. But I’m here to look past the shiny new stuff (Communities, Chatter Answers, etc) to the bits that are going to matter to all the rest of us.

October 19, 2012

Honey, it’s cold outside!

Once again, release time is upon us. (And I have to say, the logo picked for Winter 13 is pretty freaking adorable!)

Click through for the release notes!

One of my favorite things that I get to do with this blog is share all the updates that I’m excited about with each release. Now I know that Salesforce is most excited about Touch going GA, but I think that there are a lot of great little nuggets in this release that are more impactful. Here we go!

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